For a significant portion of my life I have struggled to write a decent script. I suspect that it’s a testament to the fact that I’ve slowly gotten better that I have become progressively less happy with the material I produce, but I have absolutely no reservation in describing myself as what I believe I am…

A hack.

Yep. Nothing more, nothing less. I’ve gotten pretty good at figuring out where my failings nail me, but I’ve yet to reach a point where I can overcome them. The upside is, having realized the futility of the effort I’ve turned my attention back to something that most folks seem to like, and that’s what brought this blog into existence.

So, while the comments are open, please keep in mind that I’m not looking for constructive criticism or offers to help “fix” these past projects. They’re things I created simply because I needed to write, and wasn’t in a head-space where blogging would have provided an alternative.

Why screenplays? Probably a love of movies, possibly a consequence of having a famous playwright in the family, perhaps because it was the medium I have always been most comfortable exploring thanks to the ease with which one falls back on established tropes.

At any rate, read these at your own risk. You have been warned.

Rebooting Star Wars – What would happen if Michael Bay was handed the keys to the Lucas empire?


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